Sesame Studios Idea Sample- The Box

“The Box”
An idea for Sesame Studios by Sean Bryan

The following images represent a storyboard for the start of a video where our character discovers a cardboard box, followed by a series of images that could represent possible imaginary adventures the character could undertake with the box. They give a visual representation and feel of the type of video that could be created.


This is our character. He wears bright colourful clothing, in a bright colourful world. He doesn’t speak a specific language, but makes noises. A bit like a silent movie star. With lots of big physical movements.


Oh look, he’s found a cardboard box.


But wait! Is it just a cardboard box, or could it be something else entirely?


Our character has a great sense of imagination. Hmmmm what else could this cardboard box be.


He’s got an idea!


Perhaps it’s a horse for a brave knight to ride. Off to save the kingdom!


Or perhaps it’s an oven for a busy baker, who has so many dishes to make.


Maybe it’s an old speed boat, sailing across the seas! Woah! Look out for that giant squid!
Each short video would explore a different storyline of what the cardboard box could be, encouraging children to use their own imaginations whilst undertaking creative play with every day items in their own homes. The above are merely a small sample of possible storylines that could be made.

All images in this idea sample do not represent a finished product. They are for demonstration purposes only. Images, and hand drawn cardboard props/scenery created by Sean Bryan.


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