Sean’s Odd Jobs

You have a menial task plaguing you.
You wish you had more hours in a day.

I have a bit of extra free time over the coming weeks and need a bit of cash until my new job starts.

Let’s help each other out!

I can help you with those menial tasks like document formatting, general research enquiries, transcription typing, social media management and more. If it can be done from a computer, there’s a good chance I can do it!

Sean’s Odd Jobs is like having a personal assistant, but only when you really need one, and it’s CHEAP! Tasks start at $20 (For more pricing details see the italic text below).

How can it be so cheap?
I’m not doing this as a full time job. It’s not my living wage.
I set up Sean’s Odd Jobs a couple of years ago whilst I needed some extra cash in the US. It worked really well, and now having just moved to Brisbane, I need to earn some extra cash to cover a few weeks before my job starts and I get my first pay! It was really successful for me back then, and I’m hoping it can do the same this time around.

What are you waiting for? If you’ve got a job that you need help with hire me! I’d certainly appreciate it!
Simply send me an email to outlining your job, and I’ll get back to you with a quote!

Typing Tasks: $30 AUD per document up to 5 pages long. ($5 AUD for every page after).
Proof Reading Tasks: $30 AUD per document up to 10 pages long. ($2 AUD for every page after).
Transcription Tasks: $30 AUD for up to 30 minutes of audio, ($10 for every 15 minutes of audio after).
Research Tasks: Cannot be undertaken for school or homework.  $20 AUD per hour of research.
Social Media Posting: $50 AUD per day of social media posting.
Payment accepted through Direct Deposit or PayPal for international clients.

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