It’s A Hit!

About The Game

“It’s a Hit” is a fast, easy and fun card game for two players set in the world of Broadway!

Each year plays and musicals open on Broadway, some are hits earning lots of money and wide critical acclaim, while others are flops, losing money and closing not very long after opening. It’s an exciting, razzle-dazzle world where people can become stars overnight!

Now’s your chance to become a star, for you to become a Broadway Producer!

A limited run of the First Edition of “It’s A Hit!” is now in stock and on sale through the “It’s A Hit!” online store, which you can find by clicking the link below:


How To Play:

Players take turns to see if the shows they open will be hits or misses, and when the awards night rolls around at the end of the season they’ll find out who produced the most successful season of shows.
The great thing about “It’s A Hit!” is that it’s incredibly easy to play. We’ve even made a little video to show you just how easy it is:

Behind The Scenes:

During 2011 I spent some time in New York City. Unfortunately I couldn’t find a theatrical job, and that got me pretty down. It also left me with a fair bit of free time. Instead of wasting it though I had this idea to create a card game.

I then spent time working out how the game would actually be played, testing it with a deck of Uno cards substituting for game cards, and then designing the cards themselves before having a trial deck printed.

“It’s A Hit” was born! I had actually created a functional and fun card game!

Since then I took the original demo deck of “It’s A Hit!” around the world with me, testing it with friends and refining the game play until it was finally ready for launch. Through a very successful Indiegogo Campaign I was able to raise $905 as start up funds for the project which enabled the first edition to be printed and sent out into the world.

Thank You
IT’S A HIT!  would not have been possible without the help and support of the following people:
Nathan Gardner, Alan and Heike Bryan, Tamlyn Bryan, Laura Fitzpatrick, Karen Hempel, Sarah Hornhardt, Ally Mosher, Grace Marshall, Cassie Tongue, Cynthia Coe, Brian Sedita, Henry Tisch, David Croft, Jenna Gagliano, David Spencer and Gregory Morris.



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