Let Me Eat Cake: My Parisian Birthday, Day 1

I met my current flatmate Ludo at my first job in London. We bonded quickly and our weekly gatherings quickly became known as the 'Ludo and Sean Club'. Something we discussed already from these early meetings was going to visit Paris, after all Ludo was French and I had loved Paris the first time I'd... Continue Reading →


Four Days In Paris

In April 2012 I was lucky enough to win a whirlwind four day trip to Paris thanks to Travelscene American Express. One of the conditions of the trip was that I had to report about all my adventures, so I posted all my adventures right here on my blog. As a way of collecting all... Continue Reading →

The Champs-Elysees Is A Busy Street

On our final day, between checking out and flying out, Sarah, Ally and I hit up the Champs-Elysees. As mentioned in the opening moments of the song Parlez Vous Francais by Art Vs Science it most definitely is a busy street (though according to Sarah's Nan, potentially not as grand as Sturt Street in Ballarat.) The... Continue Reading →

Paris Gets A Little Geeky

Stumbling upon things randomly is one of my favourite aspects of travel. As I was waiting for Shakespeare and Company to open so I could add another edition of The Great Gatsby to my collection I wandered the streets around the area and came across one that was full of comic book shops. Where was... Continue Reading →

Parisian Street Art- Pasted

Pasting an image onto a wall, like a poster, is another popular form of street art, and is often referred to as Wheatpasting, due to the glue used to stick the image to a surface. This form of street art is popular with artists like Shepard Fairey, famous for his OBEY imagery, and the HOPE... Continue Reading →

The Highlight of my Four Days in Paris

When anybody asks me what the highlight of my Parisian adventure was, one experience sticks out more than any other. This is actually a difficult blog post to write, I'm conflicted about whether I should share this information, or keep it a secret between myself and the other Travelscene Facebook Fan Trip winners. If you promise... Continue Reading →

Why are French bathrooms so weird?

Travel is an eye opening experience. You get to witness how different people across the world do the same task. Whether that be driving on the opposite side of the road, eating with chopsticks, or going to the toilet. My most repeated phrase in Paris was "Why are French bathrooms so weird?" As every experience... Continue Reading →

Good Friday? No, AWESOME Friday.

Something we discussed as winners of the Travelscene American Express Facebook Fan Trip was that we wanted to experience Paris in as many different ways possible, so we could report on the city from multiple different perspectives. For people that might be interested in the major sights, those looking for something a little deeper, backpackers... Continue Reading →

Parisian Street Art- Paint

This is a very broad category, but my search for Parisian Street Art had uncovered a wide variety of styles, so this post will cover a few different paint related pieces I found. When most people think of street art or graffiti, I'm sure they think of spray can or painted pieces. These pieces are more... Continue Reading →


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