50 Awesome Melbourne Things: Have A Drink With Melbourne’s Famous Madame

Melbourne is home to a number of fine drinking establishments, but one of my favourites is the whimsically designed Madame Brussels. This upstairs pleasure garden, with faux grass, lattice and ornate chairs, makes you feel like you're walking into Alice's Wonderland. Perched on Level 3 of 59 Bourke Street, this marvellous little Terrace has stunning... Continue Reading →


10 Things I’m Looking Forward To Doing On My Return To Disneyland

Growing up with a family who doesn't enjoy rides at theme parks, I never really craved Disneyland. But when an opportunity to visit the so-called "Happiest Place On Earth" popped up a few years ago, I thought why not. And the moment that big bus with Snow White on the side of it pulled up... Continue Reading →

A Day Trip To Echuca

My family always went on holidays to Echuca when I was a child, so when my girlfriend was out visiting from London, and I took her down to Melbourne to meet my family I decided that we simply had to go for an Echuca visit. What many people don't know is that before I was... Continue Reading →

Talk to the Animals

My girlfriend recently came to visit Australia which meant a mandatory excursion to some form of zoo or sanctuary so that she could inspect the local wildlife. We did the little penguins while she was in Melbourne, but whilst in Brisbane we trekked out to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. I didn't particularly know what... Continue Reading →


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