50 Awesome Melbourne Things

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50 Awesome Melbourne Things: Have A Drink With Melbourne’s Famous Madame

Melbourne is home to a number of fine drinking establishments, but one of my favourites is the whimsically designed Madame Brussels. This upstairs pleasure garden, with faux grass, lattice and ornate chairs, makes you feel like you’re walking into Alice’s Wonderland. Perched on Level 3 of 59 Bourke Street, this marvellous little Terrace has stunning … Continue reading

50 Awesome Melbourne Things: Circle The City

Melbourne has always been famous for it’s trams that trundle along through the city and neighbouring suburbs, and whilst most of them cost (unless you’re a naughty fare evader) there is one tram you can ride for free that will also tell you all about the city you’re currently exploring. The City Circle tram is … Continue reading

50 Awesome Melbourne Things: A Little Library

Have you ever gone shopping with your partner, been bored and sat for hours on courtesy benches with nothing to do? Melbourne Central is changing that! Within the centre is ‘The Little Library’ a small area of the centre filled with all sorts of books for all ages. The Library works on an honesty system, … Continue reading

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