Top 5 Lyndhurst Adventures

With MORTIMER SPARKS opening in Lyndhurst, Hampshire on the 25th of June, I thought it was a great opportunity to share 5 of my favourite things to do in this historic English town. Hailed as 'The Capital Of The New Forest' Lyndhurst has often housed royalty in this part of the world, which William the Conquerer declared... Continue Reading →


Seeing Spots at QAGOMA

My favourite gallery in Brisbane is QAGOMA- the Gallery of Modern Art. Set inside a stunning modern building GOMA pulls together collections from Australia and beyond. There's always something great to see, whether it's the tribute to Michael Jackson 'King', a video installation of people dancing and singing along to the Pop Prince, or the... Continue Reading →

Home For Christmas

This post is a little delayed, quite a bit delayed really. It's about Christmas last year and we're already a week into April. I'm not entirely sure where 2015 is headed, but it's certainly zooming! As you may have picked up from my blog I travel, a lot. I'm very rarely in one place for... Continue Reading →

A Quick Trip To Mackay

This year the ArTour Regional Presenting Showcase was held in Mackay, so I got the opportunity to travel north for business, and also enjoy a bit of time in the sun by the pool as well. Mackay is like a pretty traditional Australian country town, and for much of the time I spent there I... Continue Reading →

Sydney in a Day

Sydney is one of my favourite 'Day Trip' cities in Australia, because you can get to all the major things in a day! A few years ago I randomly called a friend and asked her 'Hey do you want to get coffee?' and she said 'Sure where?' and I said 'Sydney.' And so it came... Continue Reading →

Guess who’s back on the Tube?

Many moons ago now I started posting videos on YouTube with my good friends Jarrod and Matt. At first we started posting things that our little collaborative group (known as The Lazy Creations Group, which I guess is somewhat more like Monty Python than an actual business) had created. We'd been making some song parodies to... Continue Reading →

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