London Street Art

Unlike Paris, which seems to be smothered in street art right in it's very heart, I've found it tougher to stumble upon street art in Central London. Sure you see a bit here and there, and occasionally a special piece behind glass that is potentially a Banksy (but probably not), but very rarely who streets... Continue Reading →


Melbourne Street Art

I've had a number of meetings in and around Melbourne lately and have been happy snapping Street Art along the way. Until today I haven't had a chance to upload (please excuse my tardiness) but the result is you'll get a whole lot of all different kinds of art in the one post, plus a... Continue Reading →

Sydney Street Art

I spent a couple of days recently in Sydney on business, scouting venues and promoting my new card game "It's A Hit!" (which excitingly achieved it's fundraising goal, so will be going into production very soon, get your copy at the previous link.) I was staying in the Newtown area and found some great street art... Continue Reading →

Acland Street, St Kilda Street Art

Another day of meetings, this time in St Kilda which is readily becoming a local hang out for me, even though in traffic (like today) it's a good hour away. St Kilda is Melbourne's beach side suburb, home to the smiling faced amusement park Luna Park and an eclectic mix of people from the rich... Continue Reading →

Parisian Street Art- Pasted

Pasting an image onto a wall, like a poster, is another popular form of street art, and is often referred to as Wheatpasting, due to the glue used to stick the image to a surface. This form of street art is popular with artists like Shepard Fairey, famous for his OBEY imagery, and the HOPE... Continue Reading →

Parisian Street Art- Space Invaders

Space Invaders is my favourite Parisian street artist, and his unique works can be seen not only in Paris, but across the globe, including my home town Melbourne. That being said, finding some of his works in Paris got me really excited. Invaders uses mosaic to recreate the aliens from the classic arcade game, giving... Continue Reading →

Parisian Street Art: Stickers

Like stencils, sticker street art enables you to repeat a message or iconic image across a city, or like in the clever case of some of these sticker pieces, adapt the entire meaning of something already existing, such as this street sign above. I had discovered pieces like this before while browsing the net, so... Continue Reading →

Parisian Street Art- Stencil

One of the things I listed as a 'to do' on my entry form into the Travelscene American Express Facebook Fan Competition was to get lost in the old streets of Paris and uncover some Parisian Street Art. As many people know I'm pretty fascinated with good street art, so much so I even hauled... Continue Reading →

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