Top 5 Lyndhurst Adventures


With MORTIMER SPARKS opening in Lyndhurst, Hampshire on the 25th of June, I thought it was a great opportunity to share 5 of my favourite things to do in this historic English town.

Hailed as ‘The Capital Of The New Forest’ Lyndhurst has often housed royalty in this part of the world, which William the Conquerer declared his own personal hunting forest in 1079. Nearby you’re likely to see the New Forest Ponies, and various other grazing animals that are still allowed to freely roam the forest, and there’s lots to see and do in the town itself!

Alice-liddell-grave1. Find the resting place of Alice in Wonderland
Alice Liddell, the young girl that inspired Lewis Carroll’s masterpiece “Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland” is buried at the St Michael and All Angels church in Lyndhurst, the grave marked with red and white roses. Alice moved to Cuffnell’s country estate, near Lyndhurst, with her husband in 1880, and became the first president of the Emery Downs Women’s Institute. After her husband’s death in 1926, Alice had to sell many of her original Wonderland artefacts including the manuscript for Alice’s Adventures Underground. Throughout the year there are many Wonderland themed events for all ages that celebrate Alice, Lewis Carroll and the Lyndhurst ties. While at the church take in the magnificent stone carvings around the doorways!



down-to-the-wood2. Visit a shop made entirely of wood
Imagine a shop where a tree grows inside, and every surface is covered in wooden products, now snap your fingers and you’ll find yourself in ‘Down To The Wood’ a store where everything is wooden! Here you can get old fashioned wooden toys, models, keychains, bowls, utensils and more! There’s even a fun wooden business card dispenser. A number of props used by MORTIMER SPARKS even come from this very store!



boltons-bench3. Admire The View From Bolton’s Bench
Atop a hill (which is great for rolling down) sits a giant Yew tree, around which is a great, green bench, a tribute to the Duke of Bolton who was an 18th century New Forest Master Keeper. This hill and iconic tree bring visitors from all over the world, and the area is often filled with the famous New Forest ponies. From the top of the hill you can see the town of Lyndhurst and into the forest. Pack a picnic, as it’s a beautiful way to spend a sunny day.





shopabout4. Be transported back in time at The Old Apothecary
Experience a taste of days gone by as you step through the door of The Old Apothecary, possibly the most charming store in all of Lyndhurst. Decorated to replicate high street, Edwardian druggists, the store sells a number of bath and beauty products that will leave you smelling superb, and feeling fantastic! Many products are even hand made and packaged in Lyndhurst. I’m particularly a fan of their Rudolph Valentino Italian Lime skin balm.




5. Eat some delicious cake at The Forage
My last stop in Lyndhurst didn’t allow for much of a meal, but I did get the chance to devour an incredible chocolate cake at The Forage on the Lyndhurst High Street. This modern Deli serves up a great range of food, drinks and (most importantly) cake, in lovely surroundings. Plus you can even purchase some locally made treats such as bread, cheeses and condiments to take home with you. Shout out to the chocolate caramel brownie too, featuring large chunks of Cadbury caramel chocolate. Mmmm Mmmmm!



Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 9.52.04 pm

So when you come out to Lyndhurst to see Mortimer Sparks, why not make a day of it, and experience this incredible little historic town, filled with lots of character, charming shops, and delicious goodies to try. You’re bound to enjoy yourself!

Mortimer Sparks And The Sands Of Imaginaria
Discover the power of YOUR imagination with the world’s bravest explorer
MORTIMER SPARKS in this engaging, interactive, theatrical adventure for children.

Performing at the Lyndhurst Community Centre
Saturday, June 25, 2016, 2:30pm
Lyndhurst, SO473 7NY
All tickets £3.00
Ideal for children aged 4+

Book now at



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