Children Of Eden Set Design

Children Of Eden Set

Children Of EdenEarlier this year I was fortunate enough to receive a message from an old friend and colleague asking if I would be in Melbourne at any point in the middle of the year, and if I was still interested in doing set design work. Whilst I had no plans for being in Melbourne I was very interested in doing some set design work, so I soon found myself heading down to Melbourne to design a production of Stephen Schwarz’s biblical musical “Children Of Eden” for Westbourne Grammar.

Inspired by the wood of the tree of knowledge in the first act, Noah’s ark in the second act, and a world created and discovered by children, I created a set that had an essence of treehouse. There was a lot of raw wooden materials on stage, including a random selection of floorboards, and wooden masking that enabled plenty of playing space for the large cast of high school students to take the stage.

Children Of Eden projection drawingOn the cyclorama we projected a series of images I drew on chalkboards, again to harness that feeling of children creating the world. Each projection was individually hand drawn, then photographed and integrated into the slideshow.

The production looked fabulous, and the design worked incredibly well with the director’s vision, where more raw materials, and simple items were imaginatively turned into worlds and items.

Enjoy a selection images from the production and the design stages of piecing together ‘Children Of Eden’

17660_796149413826232_1414632154763394067_n 11218850_796149533826220_3926738556831580550_n


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