Seeing Spots at QAGOMA

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Seeing Spots at QAGOMAMy favourite gallery in Brisbane is QAGOMA- the Gallery of Modern Art. Set inside a stunning modern building GOMA pulls together collections from Australia and beyond. There’s always something great to see, whether it’s the tribute to Michael Jackson ‘King’, a video installation of people dancing and singing along to the Pop Prince, or the various different touring exhibitions like Future Beauty.

I’d stumbled upon Yayoi Kusama’s ‘The Obliteration Room’ on the internet before, and always hoped I’d get to experience it in person. The premise is simple but amazing. Attendees are given a sheet of colourful sticker dots and invited inside a pure white room. Everything from toys on the shelf to garden tools, laptops and kitchen utensils have been painted white.

But gradually as more and more people visit the room gets filled with bright colourful spots.

It’s fantastic for children, and it’s super fun for big kids as well, and I’m so glad I’ve finally got to experience it in person.

You can see where people have tried to get the highest spots and where others have made little Mickey Mouse heads. There are people who put spots on spots on spots to get different layers, and others who have made pictures in picture frames.

QAGOMA Obliteration RoomI’ve visited ‘The Obliteration Room’ twice whilst in Brisbane, the second time I took my Dad along before he came to see ‘5 Lesbians Eating A Quiche’. The second time I visited I noticed some of the things that had been on the ground and covered in stickers, which I tripped over, had been removed. Probably a good idea, as the spotty camouflage must make lots of tripping hazards.

Whilst visiting GOMA I also really enjoy visiting their gift shop. It’s full of fantastic books, gifts, trinkets, DVDs and more! There’s always something that tickles my fancy, and I’m sure you’d find something too.

GOMA also screens a number of films in their cinemas, with eclectic programming that often relates to exhibits currently showing.

Much of the gallery is free, with touring exhibitions usually costing a little extra.

For more information about GOMA click here. 


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