Home For Christmas

Melbourne Christmas Projections

This post is a little delayed, quite a bit delayed really. It’s about Christmas last year and we’re already a week into April. I’m not entirely sure where 2015 is headed, but it’s certainly zooming! As you may have picked up from my blog I travel, a lot. I’m very rarely in one place for longer than a year (congratulations Brisbane you’re a current record holder) so I’ve now missed a few Christmases at home with the family. But with Hollie out in Australia, Christmas back home in Melbourne was a must do.

Christmas at HomeI’ve been fortunate enough to experience Christmas in a few cities, I’ve seen the build up in New York, with it’s gorgeous decorations, I’ve ice skated on Christmas Day with a dear friend in Chicago, and I decorated my tiny bedroom with hand made paper chains whilst I spent a Christmas pretty broke in London.

Being home for Christmas is just nice though. Mum goes a bit all out on the decorations at home, all the usual trinkets disappear and in their place are Christmas ones.

But you know who else also goes all out?


Sure it doesn’t snow, and after you’ve had a white Christmas that does change everything, but Melbourne really does turn it out during the festive season.

Melbourne Christmas TreeFuturistic decorations seem to pop up all over the place, from the metallic Christmas Tree to the colour changing bells above the Bourke Street Mall. Myer and David Jones try to out do each other with their Santa Lands. Federation Square usually has some fancy advent calendar, Crown Casino has their lobby light show and hotels across the city pop up magnificent trees of their own.

My favourite thing to see this year though was the projection show on the Melbourne Town Hall. Melbourne’s been doing this for a few years now, the success of White Night (where every building seems to have projections on it) has spilled over to other events, one of which being Christmas.

This year the projection show took the crowds on a Christmas journey around the world, as it all played out over the levels of the hall. It was spectacular. I’m so glad I finally got to see some of this projection work in action. It was significantly better than I expected.

IMG_6830Home For Christmas

Christmas at HomeChristmas at homeOf course one of the best things about being home for Christmas is days on our deck, eating amazing food cooked by my Dad or chowing down on traditional German gingerbreads whilst watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, and doing our traditional rotating house family Christmas on Christmas Eve.

The house doesn’t need to be covered in projections for it to be a special Christmas for me.

What are some of your favourite cities to celebrate Christmas in?
Leave a a comment and let me know! Maybe I’ll go spend Christmas there next!


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