Celebrate Theatre People with Chookards

Chookards Website

Chookards LogoHave you ever spent hours looking for the perfect card to celebrate a friends opening night in a show, and then reluctantly had to purchase a pretty standard blank card?

That was a problem that my girlfriend Hollie and I continuously ran into the more we worked on shows. There just wasn’t a place where you could get nice cards that celebrated theatre people. Sure there are thank you cards, and (God forbid) good luck cards, but nothing that really suited the needs we had.

So that’s where we decided to change things up!

Hollie and I started working on a series of cards that could be used for all sorts of theatrical occasions, for anyone that worked in the theatre, whether it was a performer, someone backstage, or just for fans. We took the Australian theatrical term for good luck (Chookas) as a starting point, and smashed it onto a card and suddenly CHOOKARDS was born!

Chookards Launch CardsThanks to the joys of the internet we’ve been able to create a snazzy online store and have launched with three cards. As we become more popular we are going to expand the range with more fun, limited edition cards, and perhaps some other surprises. We’re also on FACEBOOK and TWITTER where our accounts share fun little theatre facts that we can all celebrate.

So if you have a show coming or know someone who is going to be in a show, why not celebrate with Chookards!

Visit our store today at www.chookards.com



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