Guess who’s back on the Tube?


Many moons ago now I started posting videos on YouTube with my good friends Jarrod and Matt. At first we started posting things that our little collaborative group (known as The Lazy Creations Group, which I guess is somewhat more like Monty Python than an actual business) had created. We’d been making some song parodies to celebrate the end of high school, and making some stage shows, and completely butchering Bohemian Rhapsody.

I won’t link that one.

After that though I became a bit of a fan of the musical [title of show] and at the time they were making a YouTube series about getting to Broadway. I thought it would be fun, if they were to ever make it to Broadway, to film my own YouTube show as a gift for them, about getting to Broadway from Australia to see the show. And so when they announced they were going to Broadway, sure enough, I started filming.

Soon Jarrod and Matt were in on it too, as well as many of our other friends and family (and the occasional guest star.) It was great fun, and I think even more so because I got to create on a weekly basis with two of my closest friends. We parodied stage shows and movies, we had teleportation mishaps, fights with orcs, monsters, car chases and more on our little quest to Broadway, and when we did finally make it there, we filmed that too.

In total we filmed for around a year, and I have hard drives full of footage that never made it onto the small small screen. It was great fun, and that series also opened a number of doors for us all.

But because of those doors opening, a lot of the creativity had to go on hold, and The Lazy Creations Group YouTube account barely got any updates.

I missed the ridiculous things Jarrod, Matt and I would create, almost as much as I missed hanging out with them on a regular basis, that was always the con of living abroad. But with a trip to Disneyland around the corner with Jarrod, and my girlfriend Hollie being super keen to get into YouTubing, I decided it was time to crank out the camera again, and start Tubing again! (Or whatever it is the kids are calling it these days!)

So here’s the first clip from my return to YouTube, and it fills in all the blanks of things I’ve done since my last appearance.

And you can all rejoice because I’ve got better hair now!


Ok fine I’ll link Bohemian Crapsody.


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