Can 155 Puppets Reunite My Girlfriend and I in Disneyland?


I’ve always loved puppets. I grew up watching Sesame Street, I had a cardboard puppet theatre with a number of hand puppets that I was always putting shows on in my lounge room with, and we always checked to see if we’d got the right AV plugs on the TV and DVD player by testing the sound system with Muppet Treasure Island.

200428_1006732377235_2033_nOver the years I’ve also made a few puppets. Whether it be for theatrical productions, like my little Emo puppet, or just making YouTube videos in my backyard with friends. In fact when I was studying theatre when it came to the combined ‘Circus and Puppetry’ show we were went to do, I formed a splinter group to create a purely puppetry driven show. We ended up creating an enormous clockwork bee machine.

 Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 1.27.05 pm

There are some other things I’m pretty crazy about in life as well, one of them is my Girlfriend Hollie, and another is Disneyland! I was never the kid growing up that wanted to go to Disneyland. My family didn’t really do rides- take for example our recent trip to Movieworld where I was the only one that went on any rides, plus they don’t fly very well. So the whole notion of flying to LA to go to a theme park was never really a dream of my family.

Then a friend of mine took me to Disneyland. At the time he was working for Disney so we got a great rate to the park, even on a blackout weekend, and spent the entire day from 8am to midnight absolutely rocking it. I reverted back to a child. That’s the only way I can describe what happened that day.

Then, a year later, when I won a trip to Paris, I joined two of my fellow competition winners for a jaunt out to Disneyland Paris. We now call ourselves #TeamDisney, and whilst it wasn’t as good as the original Disneyland, we still had a lot of fun.

I’ve been longing to return to Disneyland ever since I first went there. Reading blogs about it and watching videos doesn’t help. I am also always longing to return to the US.


Unfortunately the other thing I often long for is my girlfriend. You see I met Hollie in London whilst I was living there. We never intended on falling in love with each other, especially because I was imminently leaving the country (that’s always the way right?) But we did. And I couldn’t be happier. Well, perhaps I could be. There’s still a great deal of ocean in the way.

Hollie feeding a Kangaroo on her recent trip Down Under

Hollie came and visited Australia earlier in the year, and loved it so much that she’s going to come back. At the same time, my good friend Jarrod, who I travelled with on my very first trip to the US, had mentioned that he wanted to go to Disneyland. I found us a great deal to travel there, and the next thing I knew we were booked. It was then I thought “What if Hollie met us half way at Disneyland and then joined us back in Australia?” So that became the plan!

But plans and reality are two separate things, and a trip to Disneyland is not cheap (as I’m sure many of you are aware.) I’ve also had a terrible experience with work this year. I began work as a travel agent the morning after Hollie left, and found it one of the most stressful and depressing jobs of my life. I needed to get out of that world before I was completely destroyed, so without a back up plan I quit. I then went on a mad search for jobs, and have been trying to get a job in a local cafe. In the meantime though, the trip to Disneyland was booked, and I need to finish paying it off. So, to help raise the funds to allow us to reunite in Disneyland, with the help of Jarrod and my sister, I started up The Lab Of Frank Stein. I’ve been tinkering on the idea of Frank Stein for years. Before I went to Disneyland for the first time as a matter of fact. It’s gone through many forms too. At first I thought it would be graphic design, or t-shirt design, but now it’s something cooler!

I’ve combined my love of puppets with the Frank Stein idea, and now I’m making hand made, customisable, Monster hand puppets! And they’re pretty cool if I say so myself. You get to pick the colour body, and all the features you want, to create your very own monster!

 3Bodies EyeLiddemo Mouths

I’ve also worked out that it’s going to take about 155 puppets to get us to Disneyland in November. So the mad frantic sewing begins! So why not join me on this venture and get your hands on your own, unique, hand made monster! You’ll help us get to Disneyland and get your own cool Monster in return. Not a bad trade off!

And if this venture takes off we may even take our customisable hand puppets to local craft markets and even kids birthday parties! And wait til you see what we have planned for those two things. Just imagine a portable mad scientists lab.

It’s an exciting time for Frank Stein, and we’re about to find out if I have the sewing skills to create a crazy amount of puppets in a few months time.

Can 155 puppets help me reunite with my girlfriend in Disneyland?
With your help, I certainly believe they can!


Like I said, I really love puppets.



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