Talk to the Animals


My girlfriend recently came to visit Australia which meant a mandatory excursion to some form of zoo or sanctuary so that she could inspect the local wildlife. We did the little penguins while she was in Melbourne, but whilst in Brisbane we trekked out to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary.

I didn’t particularly know what to expect, in all honesty we chose to go there because it was SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than Australia Zoo, and you know what, I’m super glad we did, because Lone Pine is a fantastic facility.

You can cuddle a koala, talk with a cocky, see birds and reptiles and marsupials, plus there’s informative talks, sheep shearing and herding demonstrations and some good food too. They take the dingos out for walks, have the classic birds of prey demonstration, and there’s wild lizards and bush turkeys roaming all over the place. Lone Pine also does a significant job in breeding and caring for koalas, and every ticket sale helps them help the animals.

Koalas are separated into different areas, there’s males, females, a kindergarten and even a retirement home, and in the main arena you can learn all about them, get some koala pats, and for a little extra cuddle a koala and get a photo.

One of our favourite activities though was getting to feed the kangaroos. I think my girlfriend might change careers and become a Kangaroo Whisperer.

So if you’re in Brisbane and looking for a fantastic Australian animal experience head to Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary. There’s plenty to do there to fill up your whole day, and a bus goes directly to it’s doorstep from the heart of Brisbane.

IMG_3159 IMG_3180 IMG_3295 IMG_3267 IMG_3234 IMG_3194 IMG_3153


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