50 Awesome Melbourne Things: Circle The City

IMG_1250Melbourne has always been famous for it’s trams that trundle along through the city and neighbouring suburbs, and whilst most of them cost (unless you’re a naughty fare evader) there is one tram you can ride for free that will also tell you all about the city you’re currently exploring.

A City Circle tram with another Australian icon... a Ute!
A City Circle tram with another Australian icon… a Ute!

The City Circle tram is a tourist service operating in an old W Class tram, which unlike other trams currently in service were built in Melbourne between 1923 and 1956. It runs around the central business district, pointing out major sights along the way through an audio guide. Since 2003 the line has also run to the developing Docklands.

The whole trip takes about an hour to circle the city, but it’s worth getting on an off to savour the many sights of Melbourne that you pass including the Queen Victoria Market, Bourke Street, and Parliament House on Spring Street.

The City Circle tram is a great idea for those visiting Melbourne for the first time, those looking for a cheap way to get around the city whilst sightseeing, or for a day out with visitors from other countries or cities. Riding a tram is a must in Melbourne, not having to pay for it is a huge plus!

The route is free and runs from 10am-6pm daily, with extra hours on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.


How much of an icon are Melbourne trams?

When I produced the Australasian premiere of the Broadway musical [title of show] we joked about getting an advertisement on a tram because every show seemed to. We never got an ad on a tram, but in honour of this joke I made the entire company [title of show] trams for opening night gifts.

A W Class tram was also gifted to Prince Frederik and Princess Mary of Denmark upon their wedding from the people of Victoria. It now runs at the Danish Tramway Museum.

A number of W Class trams also run in San Francisco, also gifted to the city by the people of Victoria.



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