No matter how far, or how wide I roam…


When I was half way through high school a decision was made by people much higher than me to turn our annual musical into a biennial event. Unhappy with this decision I wrote and staged my own show. I got permission to put it on, organised usage of the school hall for auditions, rehearsals and performances, and I even negotiated a tiny budget from the junior school in return for them being able to see the production.  I had no idea back then, at age 16, that I was producing. I also had no idea that it would be a turning point in my life and the beginning of my career*.

From that point on I wanted to put on shows, and while I’ve worked for many companies across the globe, from Magnormos and Present Tense in Australia to The New Colony and Daryl Roth Productions in the US, I have longed to own and operate my own company. To take the practices I have learned and to put them into action.

With that in mind it gives me the absolute greatest pleasure to finally reveal a secret I have been keeping for months. In association with Nathanael Cooper, the current Entertainment Editor of Brisbane’s Courier Mail, we have established a new production company, IMPRINT THEATRICALS, our intent, as our name suggests, is to leave a mark on the industry.


Initially Imprint Theatricals had been set up so that it could be managed in part by me from overseas, however there has been such rapid growth already in the company that different plans were required. Subsequently it brings me further delight to announce that I will be returning to Australia in January 2014 to not only open our first show but to remain down under, managing Imprint Theatricals.

I’ve now been to cities that never close down. I’ve experienced New York and London (though not Rio) and have taken on board their lessons. I’m now ready to return to Australia, to take on it’s challenges, it’s quirks, and it’s unique market. With me I bring the experience of producing and developing shows on home soil and in foreign lands, with Nathanael comes a network and insight into the industry that is unheard of in any other production company in Australia.

It also brings me great joy to say I’m returning home. I have now spent a good two years questioning where home is exactly, but that idea is now clear in my mind. No matter how tempting the world is, I still call Australia home, and I cannot wait to return to my family and friends.

This venture would not have been possible without the dedication, trust and courageousness of Nathanael Cooper, those that have taught me in my career from high school to university, my support network across the globe from professional artists to friends who have an unwavering belief in what I do, and ultimately my family who have always been the biggest role models and greatest supporters in my life.

Tomorrow Imprint Theatricals will announce it’s first production.
Tonight I take a deep breath, I shake the butterflies from my stomach, and tell myself I’m ready.

It’s good to know where your journey ends.

Australia, I’m ready. It’s time!
I’m coming home.

*I believe my parents would disagree with my producing career starting at age 16, as they had to sit through numerous amounts of highly organised, ticketed and marketed shows staged in our living room when I was much younger.


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    1. The company is currently based in Brisbane, but after our first show I’ll be returning to Melbourne to open a Melbourne office as well. We plan on doing work across Australia, and eventually internationally as well.

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