London Street Art


Unlike Paris, which seems to be smothered in street art right in it’s very heart, I’ve found it tougher to stumble upon street art in Central London. Sure you see a bit here and there, and occasionally a special piece behind glass that is potentially a Banksy (but probably not), but very rarely who streets or alleys with decent pieces.

Today I attended a show reading in Tower Hamlets and stumbled upon a great collection of work on Fashion Street that encompassed a number of different styles from stickers to murals, stencils and even mock advertisements.

I photographed some of my favourite pieces, including a great satirical poster that has a great reference to Australia’s recent election and terrible asylum seeker policies.

IMG_2829 IMG_2827

IMG_2828 IMG_2824

IMG_2826 IMG_2823IMG_2821IMG_2819IMG_2820


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