50 Awesome Melbourne Things: A Little Library


Have you ever gone shopping with your partner, been bored and sat for hours on courtesy benches with nothing to do? Melbourne Central is changing that! Within the centre is ‘The Little Library’ a small area of the centre filled with all sorts of books for all ages.

The Library works on an honesty system, if you borrow a book, return it or replace it with another title. You never know what little gem you might find!

Melbourne Central’s General Manager Justin Shannon spoke to The Age about the library, the initiative behind it, and the changing face of shopping centres here. This was the article that first brought my attention to the library, after which I had to seek it out.

I thought it may have been more tucked away than what it was, so when I stumbled upon it very easily I was pleasantly surprised. And what a great little initiative.

P1050668The honour system reminded me of one of my favourite art projects that I saw in the US whilst I was living in Iowa City. An old newspaper dispenser was rebranded as ‘Strange Tractor’ you could look in and take whatever was inside, but you had to leave something in return. I found chess pieces and a boot amongst a host of other things. My friends had wonderful Strane Tractor find stories.

The Little Library can be found on Level 2 of the Melbourne Central shopping centre. You’ll also find the free Shot Tower Museum, as well as a number of commissioned street art pieces from some of my favourite Melbourne street artists.


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