“Sean’s Trip To New York” Extracts from my NY:08 Journal, Day 8


My very first trip to New York had been a ride of crazy feelings, on Day 1 I wasn’t even sure I’d like the place, but as the week went on I progressively warmed to the city, even if the city decided to not be particularly too warm to us! I’d travel to New York a number of times after this initial trip, one my own for just over a month when I’d also make my New York stage debut, on a Boys Trip with my Dad for the wedding of my good friends, and then I’d try and crack the Theatre Industry on a graduate exchange visa. Each time there are crazy feelings- sometimes better feelings that others. Which has made re-posting these journal entries a lot of fun to read over. Please make sure you’ve also caught up with previous postings- Days 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 before reading on!

Empire State Disappointment (Dec 21, 2008)

The final day (full day at least) dawned, and we didn’t have too much planned. We would return to the Disney store so Matt could get some presents, then return to M&M World.

After over a pound of M&M’s (that’s $11.99 a pound “The only way to buy candy” Hunter) and some other expensive M&M branded products we emerged into Times Square and headed down to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not.

Believe it or not we managed to waste a fair bit of time there, and believe it or not that was a terrible attempt at a joke.

There was definitely some weird there, shrunken heads, 6 limbed cows, two headed cows (with soft toy merchandise) match stick models of the defeat of the Spanish Armada, decorated skulls and “THE BLACK HOLE”.

It was the weirdest thing but also the best thing in the entire museum. It didn’t work for Matt but me and Jarrod got tossed around a lot. We don’t know exactly how it works but immediately stepping in I was thrown hard against the railing.

It was a rotating tube and everything else stayed still, but this is how it felt.

(Insert pictures of rotating tube with platform in the middle, and then once stepped on, platform feeling like it was on the side of the tunnel all of a sudden)

It felt like gravity was pulling us down, but really it must have just been our eyes.

P1000736Next we went happy snapping at Madame Tausaudes and we got entrance into the Scream Exhibit. We decided to do it, then discovered there were live actors inside. They jumped around a few times, and we walked through some stuff. Then we waved at the actors and talked to them, they were boring, but hockey mask guy waved back.

Most stupid over rated exhibit ever.

We also did not like being poked in the back in the 4D experience either.

Wax Museums are weird. It’s kind of privacy invasion crossed with 3D paparazzi. It’s weird, I don’t think I enjoyed it that much. I don’t think I’d agree to do it.

We returned to the hotel and I caught up with fellow [tos]ser Andy who discovered me on Broadway World. We chatted for a few hours which was great fun.

P1000779Then it was time to head off to the Empire State Building. It finally changed colours to blue and white. We took photos on the ground before heading up. The levels where you go through security and buy tickets was really nice and I was really looking forward to the observation deck. It was night so it was going to look great.


Observation deck was a construction zone.

Wind was incredibly strong.

And the whole thing was tiny.

Top Of The Rock was better. It had more space, more levels, more room to view stuff.

And Empire State was only 16 stories bigger.

Plus I’m pretty sure Eureka Tower is two stories bigger.

We walked around the place a few times so I could get my twenty bucks worth.

Other money wasting ideas. Let’s have a last night party with products from Walgreen.

Bad American Treats:
1. Jujubes- very very very chewy, bad flavours. “STUPID”- Matt
2. Twizzlers- tasted like plastic, probably are reconstituted plastic
3. Pop Tarts- not bad until you get to the end. Probably better toasted.

Good American Treats:
1. Peanut Butter M&M’s but don’t eat too many.
2. Twinkies according to Jarrod
3. Normal Colour Dispenser M&M’s- you get what you pay for
4. Pringles- good and reliable.

Tomorrow I will pack, we will pack, we will get ready to leave.

The good news is that there would be enough stuff I haven’t done here to return.


Funniest product ever!


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