“Sean’s Trip To New York” Extracts from my NY:08 Journal, Day 9

As I arrive on the eve of leaving for London I come to the last day of my 9 day trip to New York in 2008, my first trip overseas since I was two years old. Funnily enough I was so busy with Christmas and returning to my family and telling my stories when I returned home that I never wrote about the last day in the journal. But as I typed these entries up for the first time in 2009 on Facebook I decided to write about the final day of the trip from what I could remember. Don’t forget to read Day 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 67and 8 to read about all the surreal adventures we went on during this first visit to NYC.
Reflection (Dec 22, 2008)It is currently the 7th of November 2009 and I’ve realised that I never finished writing up the final adventures of the trip, even though I’d been planning on doing it all year.

So cue the wobbly screen effect and the tinkly bells as we go back in time.

I must have repacked my suitcase a dozen times to try and fit everything plus a muppet in it.

Today I was wearing “transitional” clothes, warm enough for New York but cool enough for when we arrived in Australia.

Well I thought it’d be warm enough for New York.

After finishing packing we checked out and checked our bags into storage until we were ready to leave.

Then we headed up for the last time into Times Square for lunch at Ruby Tuesdays. We’d seen an ad on TV for unlimited fries.

Lies, lies, lies!

Sure enough not wearing thermals was a bad idea. The wind when it blasted through was so cold and where we waited in Ruby Tuesdays for lunch was near the door, so it was FREEZING.

P1000817After our burgers we headed to Charmin one last time before heading to the Lyceum for some daylight photos of the [title of show] marquee.

Then it happened again.

We lost Matt!

Talk about book ending the trip.

We headed back to the hotel and got to our shuttle just in time. The shuttle was full and suddenly we were repacking the boot with it’s suitcases.

Um, excuse me, who’s getting the tip?

This time we headed through a tunnel and traveled towards JFK. At one point we were passed by a fleet of cop cars which was kind of cool.

At the airport we check in at the British Airways terminal with a lovely lady. We had to make sure our 100ml bottles in their ‘baggies’ (gotta love the poms) were visible at security checks.

Then we sat and waited in a very nice lounge, we got some Maccas and did a little bit of last minute shopping.

Our flight had been delayed, airports across the country were having big weather issues. One plane had slipped off the runway in Chicago.

We hoped our A380 would be waiting for us at L.A.X and luckily this time it was, even if the people on board were a little shitty at us for holding them up.

The A380 was a great flight, lovely and smooth flight especially in take off and landing.

When we returned to Melbourne we waited ages for Jarrod to go through DUTY FREE! Then went to collect our bags and go through customs declaring our M&M’s.

We headed our the doors and there was Tamlyn with a sign that said [tos]ser.

It was Christmas Eve, our Christmas tree a collection of wrapped presents and various shopping bags from New York.


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