“Sean’s Trip To New York” Extracts from my NY:08 Journal, Day 7


The journal for my first trip to NYC in 2008 continues. It’s been fantastic reading over these and seeing how far I’ve come since they were written. A number of opportunities presented themselves as a direct result of this trip. But after the excitement of Day 5 and Day 6 it was time to chill a bit- we meant relax, but the weather had other plans. (Have you caught up with Day 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 too?)

I Can Only Feel Pain In My $70 Gloves (Dec 20, 2008)

It was the second day of the one day sale at Macey’s and we headed down to get some presents for the remaining people. Including Cath.

I decided she needed a new hand bag, Jarrod decided Emma needed a new hand bag, Matt decided his sister needed a new hand bag.

Well didn’t we just look gay!

Next it was time to head down to explore that part of the world, somewhere I would have liked to explore more but the weather would prove our biggest challenge.


We got off the subway at Wall Street. It was quiet, the whole financial district was quiet. Well it was the weekend. We saw Federal Hall and the Stock Exchange, then headed towards battery park and the Statue Of Liberty.

The night before Michael Berresse had advised us not to go out there, but we decided it was something we wanted to do.

Security was tight.
Very tight.

I even had to remove my belt and EVERYTHING else. Even L.A.X wasn’t that tight.

Out we went on the boat. We sat outside for a bit, but froze, and went inside.


P1000640I forgot the balls!!!

So Jarrod had to lick something to fulfill his “What Will I Lick?” segment of the show. We knew about the bull statue and that it had a nice set of balls.

We thought it would be funny if he licked them. He wasn’t going to, but he’d lick the statue itself.

So we set up the camera and then in he went for a BIG LICK!

Then we took photos with the balls.

Ok, so now we’re at Liberty Island. And it’s cold. Very, very cold. We jumped into the restaurant building to get some food- very American, hot dog and fries!

Then back out again. There was snow still on the ground around the park, but not soft snow, it was ice.

We took photos of the statue until suddenly I realised my fingers were aching badly. Really badly. They hurt, and they were in my gloves.


It was intensely cold.

The cold froze me too, and I didn’t talk or move much til we got to Times Square.

It was time for another Charmin stop, it had a HUGE line, but we waited.

Then Matt bought me my birthday present, a Charmin T-Shirt.

We made TKTS (Susan: Ahhh the death of Broadway) at the time again where there was basically no line and got tickets to Mary Poppins.

We had a cafe dinner (still freezing) then went to the HUGE theatre, still freezing, watched the show, freezing, and then headed back to the hotel.

The good thing about Mary Poppins was that it stuck close to the books rather than the film so unlike Shrek I didn’t feel ripped off for a live DVD re-make.

It was a very classic British musical.

After the show and before we headed back we went to the New Amsterdam loo’s.

While there someone on the end cubicle, no, URINAL had had way too much fun from watching the show as a continuous stream of moans were coming from his direction.

Jarrod and I looked across a urinal at each other, I was finding it hard to keep a straight face.

As soon as we left we pissed ourselves.

In the elevator on the to our room we were joined by two European girls, who were checking us out.

Were they Swedish?

Unless Matt goes to level 2 I guess we’ll never know.



2 thoughts on ““Sean’s Trip To New York” Extracts from my NY:08 Journal, Day 7

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  1. Weren’t you deported from Aust, Sean, c’mon tell us the struth. Pity you didn’t get to ‘RENMARK-able’ in the Riverland. A good scene for your next play would be the old codger who lives on his barge in front of the Industry wharf.

    1. I actually have been to Renmark! A bit before this 2008 trip to New York though. Incidentally in packing my stuff into storage in preparation for my move to London I stumbled upon a write up of my Echuca work experience week from 2005. That might be worth posting at some point too.

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