“Sean’s Trip To New York” Extracts From My NY:08 Journal, Day 6


If Day 5‘s trip to Sesame Street had been surreal, Day 6 would only get more surreal, at least for myself, one of the major reasons that the trip had happened was to see the musical [title of show], which had unfortunately closed a couple of months earlier. Not willing to have someone fly all the way for nothing the [tos]sers invited us to their Christmas party, and In the fine words of Karen Olivo Dreams Come True Bitches! But that’s at the end of the day, we still did a bunch of stuff before it. And if you haven’t read Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, and Day 5 you better get onto that first to fully appreciate how incredible this day was.

[title of snow] (Dec 19, 2008)

P1000610We always seem to sleep in on snow days. Once again it was snowing and this time snowing real good, perhaps we’d have some to play with.

We gathered our stuff and headed outside. I didn’t bring my hat, but wore my scarf.

We didn’t make it two blocks. We did make it to Macey’s though. Time for some new winter stocks. A new pair of gloves, these cool ear muff things that are all the rage and a new scarf.

It was brand name shopping, it was expensive, it was 30% off, I wanted to spend some large notes.

So I did! Then up to Starbucks for breakfast. I got two donuts, and they were gooooooooood!!!

Back to the hotel, and take two for heading to the snow.

The roads were icy, slippery, and wet, the snow pierced your face as it blew down through the streets, covered your body, leaving you soaked.

“Oh look a subway station” stated Matt. Maybe we’d use it on the way home.

We also noted that there were less floggers on the street today, only the diehards, but they weren’t much better.

Central Park was beautiful, snow covered, white dusted, amazing.

We found a nice untouched spot and got to work playing in the snow. It was my first experience in the white stuff, it was amazing. We made snow balls and fought with them, then I made a snowman, Jarrod made a snow angel and Matt got cold. So we loaded him up with Jarrod’s phone and some directions and off he trudged.

Jarrod and I stayed and had more snow fighting. I grabbed the bottom third of the snow man and charged towards Jarrod, slamming it into him. It was on! Snow balls flew.

P1000614Then when it settled down a blizzard came, or Sean with another giant snow ball which got dumped on Jarrod, water trickled down his back.

He was sopping, I was sopping. Time to head home.

We caught the subway. Now we’d learned about the subway on the way to Sesame Street. The R Line would get us to 34th street. A bumpy ride would also be in store.

We got back to the hotel room and expected Matt, but he wasn’t there. Uh oh!

We went to the loo, then down to the net to see if he was there. He wasn’t there. We pottered around on the net and then Matt showed up. Phew!!!!

It was then time to meet Robbie.

We grabbed a table in the lobby and chatted away, time flew by, and the present I bought him- he didn’t have it!

Robbie prepped us for our meeting with [title of show] and then lead us up 8th to meet them. We were a little early so we went in the shop next door. I was nervous, my stomach was giddy, I was going to meet them. I couldn’t go in there.

I sent in Robbie.

Robbie came back saying Jeff and Jen were inside and that he was now invited inside as well- actually they just thought he’d be there any way.

Then Hunter and Ben arrived, John K, Michael and Leah. “OH MY GOD, They’re real people” exclaimed Hunter and Ben.

We were greeted with hugs, big hugs from all.

1621_56614615010_4144_nSusan was coming after work. We sat at the table and chatted about so much, the trip so far, [title of show], other shows and more.

Then came Susan, who couldn’t believe it was us, she was amazing, chatted to us all night, threatened to take Jarrod’s phone and text his Mum saying they were raping him. She had her mind blown at what Cath had done and lapped up every moment with us.
I felt like I was experiencing [title of show] in 4D, it was all around me, talking about stuff in the show. It was crazy. Drag Queen names, obscure show references, Susan being her crazy self. All arount me…nuts!

Michael made the conversation a little more serious, he thanked us for all we’d done and was truly apologetic that we couldn’t see the show.

But he did promise I’d see it in Australia!

We ‘flipped’ for Hunter and we ‘flipped’ for Kris back home, we ate and talked and had a blast.

It was a crazy night, so many friends, so many adventures.

We took some photos and then parted ways, excited about the adventure we’d just had, and how we’d all effected each others journey.




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