“Sean’s Trip To New York” Extracts from my NY:08 Journal, Day 4


My first New York adventure continues with a trip to the top of the world, but if you have read Day 1, Day 2 or Day 3 yet, you should do that first!

Contact (Dec 17, 2008)

After our restless night (a journal entry that I won’t be posting on my blog) we had to face the new day and all the adventures it had in store, like the NBC store and the Virgin Megastore.

The stop was NBC studios where we explored the shop first, had time so explored the Rockefeller plaza, had more time, explored the shop again then waited for this tour.

The ‘fake’ tour guides lead us through the real, working NBC studios. In the News Room, where we were asked if anyone watched the Brian Whateverhisnamewas News, no one did, and the fake smiles disappeared. The whole foundation of the tour was suddenly destroyed.

Saturday Night Live was the other set we visited and that was cool- more people knew it! Then we learnt about quick change makeup, took an overpriced photo, and then watched two school tour girls struggle through reading the news.

Introducing the “Pasta Nazi”
We scoured the lower depths of the Rockefeller Centre to find the supposed Pizza Place and found it lurking near the subway. Sbarro. I got pizza, Jarrod got Pasta, Matt got turned away.

“Apparently the Pasta Nazi decided I wasn’t Hungry”

We didn’t like Sbarro. Matt left straw wrapping on the floor.

P1000555It was time to see more of the city so we headed to the TOP OF THE ROCK for some grand views 70 stories in the air. It was cold, but beautiful. We used some quarters up in the big binoculars and pressed our beady eyes against them til they froze.

Matt was still starving so we found him a place to eat, then headed back into town. It was toilet time, so we headed to the place where the going is always good, Charmin. We took photos this time.

On to Virgin Megastore where we got lost, found each other, got lost, found each other, then got lost again.

I decided Tamlyn was too easy to buy for.

P1000569In The Heights was tonight so I got ready to head out, the streets were crowded they got worse and worse every night but it only took twenty minutes to get from 33rd Street to 46th Off Times Square.

I waited in the freezing cold with Body Guards Matt and Jarrod until the line changed formation, then more freezing until we were let in.

My seat was amazing, and to watch an almost original Broadway cast was spectacular. I chatted to Lin very very briefly as he darted through the autograph line, he was thankful for me coming. The girl next to me was in a melted puddle of love goo. Jarrod didn’t have to worry about me messing myself!!

I then met Krissie and Chelsea. Krissie runs he Supertossers fansite and Chelsea was the souvenir shop girl. It was great to have contact and good cheesecake and conversation with people.

It was a crazy night with crazy conversation but so much fun, and they were both very nice. They’d bought a new apartment down the road, and were in the middle of painting, so they took me to it to check it out. It was small, very small, my room was probably bigger.

(tiny sketch of apartment with attached 1:1 scale note lol)

I made the trip home almost by myself which became a quick walk down 7th. Very quick walk.

Of course the big news of the day was tomorrow we were going to Sesame Street. Matt Vogel had got us a time to visit.

Now we just needed to work out how to get to Sesame Street!


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