“Sean’s Trip To NY” Extracts from my NY Journal Day 2


The following are extracts are from Day 2 of my travel journal from my very first trip to New York City in 2008, which also happened to be the first time I’d travelled outside of Australia since I was 2 years old. Click here to read Day 1. Up to date? Then read on…

Squirrels, Dinosaurs, Puppets and Rap Names (Dec 15, 2008)

So much for going to bed late and getting up early, it was the room cleaner that woke us at quarter past ten in the morning.

I don’t know what time it was when we got out of the hotel, but it was definitely not Breakfast time any more.

Central Park was on the Agenda for the day, so we headed up, really that was the only idea of how to get there we had.

We entered the dreaded Times Square once again, and proceeded through, dodging floggings until Matt became cornered by three large, black guys. Large black guys seem to be the populace of Times Square, at least from a ‘selling’ point of view, and it’s a little scary.

They were flogging some CD and Jarrod went back to save Matt, only falling into the trap as well. “Hey I saw you in The Matrix” and “hey Big Guy” were some of the things said. $25 later Matt and Jarrod had been re-christened M-Banger and J-Sizzle.

I don’t feel like I missed out.

Onwards to the park, and soon we noted, the selling had stopped. We were free.

Central Park was relaxing, very relaxing, and home to numerous animals including squirrels, which resulted in an “OH MY GOD SQUIRRELS” and the cameras being whipped out instantly. Strangely enough no one flogging squirrel photos, then again they have to when there was ‘Posing Squirrel’

(there’s a sketch of a posing squirrel here, which I’ll replace with a photo of him)


He posed for photos and out of anyone we met so far he deserved a tip the most.

P1000441There were giant rocks in the park so we sat on them, and then there were paths, and grass, and castles and fountains from Movie Musicals, a carousel and street vendors.

It was time to tick another thing off the list. I bought a pretzel and Diet Coke, Matt a Churro and Coke and Jarrod a Sprite. Some pretzel remains in my bag, it is known as Emergency Pretzel.

Jarrod remembered me wanting to go see the dinosaurs and soon found the Museum of Natural History on the park map, so we went there.

Definitely not a place for Christians, actually I don’t think I saw one Christian thing in the whole museum, just Big Bang, Evolution and other weird religions from far off places.

We were gobsmacked by the deforming of South American penises, laughing out loud at the Robert Redford narrated planetarium movie, and falling in love with the Cafeteria. For lunch that included a slice of cheese piece (Margarita pizza) a giant Cup Cake with M&M’s and a soda. There was much more to choose from.

(There are now two drawings of a cupcake to explain the icing to cake ratio)

Basically here was so much icing I didn’t get cake.

The museum closed at six and we thought we’d see if anything was playing at TKTS. Half price tix to Avenue Q were available, along with a funny man who commented on our stunned nature.

We were boiling hot, the weather is hardly cold, so headed back, got some new clothes and headed out again to the theatre.


The show was great, and we stocked up on merchandise, a t-shirt because it’s ridiculously warm and the coffee table book- hope customs lets me bring in the fury thing.

The stage door was down a weird alley thing but we went down any way. We all had forgot a pen so photos it was. Everyone got photos with the cast, and they questioned us about Chris Lilley, because Summer Heights High has just hit the US.

… Well at least it wasn’t kangaroos.


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