“Sean’s Trip To New York” Extracts from my NY:08 Journal Day 3


With a week to go before I make a big move to London I thought it might be fun to whip out some vintage Sean travel writing. The following is an extract from my travel journal about Day 3 of my very first trip to New York City in 2008. Reading over this entry (and subsequently my experience in Paris and Melbourne) I’m pondering if I should just write blogs about the world’s most absurd bathroom experiences…I seem to keep stumbling onto them. Make sure you’ve read Day 1 and 2 before this one.

Stupid On So Many Levels (Dec 16, 2008)

The Plan:
Go to bed late.
Get up early.

Mission Fail

Cleaners came around twice before we decided to finally get up, it was past 1pm.

So up we scamper, and then we discover something amazing. It’s snowing and it’s very cold. It’s mad! Real snow! Suddenly New York feels exactly as I imagined it.

Time to boost the US economy a bit more and do some Christmas shopping. Easy!!

First stop, personal presents at 1 Shubert Alley, home of Broadway souvenirs galore. Only one [title of show] shirt though, and it’s 2x Extra Large. Even a dryer won’t fix that, and the McDonald’s at home isn’t large enough to help me fit into it in the future.

So we leave and go to another Broadway Merchant. Here I pick up Shrek and In The Heights t-shirts and a bag for Mum, this is Mum’s shopping complete.
P1000493We trekked on to M&M’s world, this GIANT three storey shop in Times Square that has well… M&M’s, along with everything M&M, clothing, toys, decorations, even golf balls, basically anything that can have an M on it, has an M and a ridiculous price on it!

Matt was up for a ‘Wicked Twosey’ as he put, and we needed directions, so we headed to the Charmin Public Toilets for Matt, which open every year at Christmas, I knew they were themed but we were in for a gobsmacking shock. People dressed as toilets welcoming us, the music playing something about “Where the going is always good”. Then as we get higher there’s someone shouting, a party going on, dancing, a guy giving us high fives for Australia.

It’s the most public public toilet ever, but it’s too late to go back. It has an MC, since when does a toilet have an MC???

I’m off to toilet 18, which looks like a wooden log shack, I sit down, there are something like three toilet papers to try, but it was hard enough to do number ones with the party going on outside.

Out we all get and explore some more. There’s dancing and a free photo op, so what the hell, we try it! (Said photo at the top of the post)

Only in New York!

P1000489Onwards to FAO Schwarz. On the way we find the shopping district and heavier snow, and beautiful decorations on buildings. It’s magical, it’s the New York I imagined, and the shopping feels exclusive.

We build Muppets at FAO Schwarz where we also discover an amazing Toy Shop.

Back on the street snow is covering cars and we uncover a giant Spider Man Balloon from the Macey’s Parade.

Europa Cafe is now a local favourite, and they have GREAT cheesecake. Apparently I’ll have better cheesecake tomorrow at Juniors.

On to the World Of Disney, another amazing store, more Christmas shopping. It’s a beautiful day for shopping. I’m laden with bags, it’s heavy and through Time Square some Comedy Ticket Flogger says someone put marijuana in my bag.

On return to the hotel I discover he’s a liar.


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