When People Come To The Table…

Recently we launched a Pozible campaign to raise $10,000 for our upcoming production of MARGARET FULTON: QUEEN OF THE DESSERT at Theatre Works from November 16, 2012, a mere 22 days away. We’ve been developing the show intensely for most of this year, many of us working long into the night. The reward for the long hours and stressful times is a musical that has continually proved itself to be joyous, surprising and truly Australian.

We’ve now had two public outings with MARGARET FULTON: QUEEN OF THE DESSERT to test it in front of an audience. We had a reading at The Paris Cat in Melbourne and The Wrong Crowd bar in Geelong. Those experiences helped us to shape the piece, it helped us clarify what was working and what wasn’t, while giving us a feeling of what we could expect come November.

Our audience has been a big influencing factor on the piece to date, Present Tense believes the audience is key to our work. We want them to feel a part of it, that they have helped shape and create a work, as well as enjoy the pieces of theatre we create. The audience is always at the forefront of our mind. Building a community around our collaborative ensemble is a big part of this.

Our Pozible campaign for Fulton is yet another way that we can actively involve and build this community. I mentioned in a previous post that this musical and Australian musical theatre needs support, for people to stand up and declare that this is what they want to see on their stages. And the people are speaking!

I am inspired by the generosity currently being shown to us through the Pozible campaign. At the point of writing this blog 38 supporters have pledged $3,175 towards the project, which is 30% of the way to our target.

Looking over the supporter data this morning I was surprised (in a good way) when I read some of the details. While this musical will debut in St Kilda, Victoria, we are receiving support from across the nation, from as far away as Western Australia. I was also surprised to see, that while we have a series of great rewards for those who donate to the project, just how many people are donating to us out of pure kindness and faith in what we’re doing without wanting a reward in return. I believe this is inspiring not just for us, but for the industry in general. Here are people willing to give up their money to see artists create, thrive and survive.

I’m also moved by just how generous people are. At this point we have two new Associate Producers on the musical- Doug Jackson from Doug’s World Clocks and Michael Ruffles, who have both donated in the $500+ category. We are so very thankful for their donations and support of this project, and signed copies of a Margaret Fulton cook book will be on their way to them soon!

All these people from around Australia are coming to the table to support this excellent new musical. Thanks to them we’re well on our way to our $10,000 goal and I believe we’ll make it in the 12 remaining days.

Your donation- big or small- from wherever you are in the world goes towards a group of incredibly hard working and dedicated artists, and we’ve got some wonderful rewards to offer in return including tickets to the show, private performances, signed cook books, cast and crew meet and greets or dinners and more!

Please take a moment to consider supporting Australian musical theatre with us by visiting www.pozible.com/fulton


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