Margaret Fulton and Australian Musical Theatre Needs YOU!

Developing musicals in Australia is both a rewarding and incredibly difficult task. Unlike the US where there are many systems and programs in place to develop shows regionally and in major cities, link producers and investors,and receive funding, in Australia those of us who try to develop this genre of theatre are often pioneers.

There are no standards in place for musical theatre development in traditional contracts, we’re overlooked consistently by government funding bodies who think the art form is too safe, but we’re not safe enough to garner the attention of large scale commercial producers.

So when a property like Margaret Fulton: Queen of the Dessert comes along, a strong show with a very funny yet loving book and score, being developed by a cast and crew who go above and beyond to make it the best possible piece it can be, with the potential for mass appeal beyond it’s initial season, the only possible way for this piece to live and thrive in the current musical theatre climate in Australia is for the community to get behind it and make it their own.

It’s time we showed the funding bodies and the commercial producers that we want Australian musicals on our stages and the great stages of the world.

We have just launched a Pozible campaign to raise $10,000 for the upcoming Theatre Works season of Margaret Fulton: Queen Of The Dessert. Funding will go towards ensuring this piece is seen and heard by not only the local community who are integral to the future of the piece, but also producers and presenters from across Australia. It will also go towards paying our collaborating artists, many of which are currently working around the clock out of pure love for the material.

Australian musical theatre needs you. It needs you in the audience, cheering on it’s success, and right now it needs you to make an investment. It needs you to say “I want this to happen.” When we build this community we can make a difference to the future of this industry.

Make this happen, and be rewarded for your commitment. Visit and donate whatever you are able to for this wonderful show, and for the future of Australian musical theatre.


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