50 Awesome Melbourne Things: Pee With A View!

I’m not entirely sure why, but I seem to have interesting public toilet experiences. For anyone that followed my Whirlwind Paris adventures earlier this year you would have heard me question ‘Why are French bathrooms so weird?’ Perhaps it’s a sign. Maybe one day I am going to travel all over the world and review crazy bathroom experiences!

Let’s hope that’s not the way the future pans out, even though it would be nice to travel and blog across the globe.

The other night I was in Melbourne catching a piece of theatre at Fortyfive Downstairs with a friend. Across the road from the theatre is Collins place, which features a series of shops, dining options and Kino Cinemas. Also attached is the Sofitel, a 5 star luxury hotel at the Paris End of Collins Street. The gorgeous, and probably expensive, hotel is home to a great little hidden treasure.

Head through the lobby and up the elevators to level 35 and get out at the Atrium. The Atrium sparkles under a fifteen floor glass canopy, lavish with decadence, you could stop here for a drink, or progress on a little further to No. 35, the restaurant on the same floor. Both these options give you great views of Melbourne, but for something a little cheaper, go to the bathroom!

Yep, if you head into the bathroom on level 35 you’re greeted with a gorgeous view overlooking the MCG and beyond through giant floor to ceiling glass windows. I’m a big fan of free observation decks and vantage points, more often than not the greatest views of a city are not on top of the tallest building. This is a classic example.

But do be respectful, this is a bathroom. Some people are there to do their business. It can be a little surprising to have a tourist snapping away photos on a SLR camera while you’re trying to go.

As we were off to the theatre we didn’t get a chance to have a cocktail at the Atrium bar, but it’s definitely on my list of things to do, because you can’t beat that sparkling atmosphere!

The Atrium Bar is open daily from 5pm, No35 for lunch Wed-Fri, Brunch on Sunday, and dinner nightly. Views from the bathrooms are great during the day, but for the best ambiance on the whole floor, arrive in the evening.



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