My Return To The Forbidden Stage

A number of years ago I had some bad experiences as an actor and it really changed my perspective on what I wanted to do in this industry. It became quite clear to me that much of my talent resided in budgeting and marketing, and this was fine, I’d been producing shows since I was 16 and was quite happy to tread that path. Since then I’ve produced a number of very successful productions both in Australia and the US. It’s a world I’m quite happy with.

Occasionally though I do get pangs to return to the stage, to the feel the energy of an audience while waiting in the wings for an entrance, to walk onto the stage to a room full of applause during a curtain call. I don’t get them very often, but they do happen.

Somehow earlier this year I was convinced to stage manage a production of RETURN TO THE FORBIDDEN PLANET at Monash University, little did I know that it would take me out of my comfortable management zone and place me smack bang on stage.

There was some trepidation, some concern, and a little bit of excitement. I attended my first rehearsal recently, unaware of the true extent of director Bryce Ive’s vision. I would be on stage, characters would potentially interact with me, I may say lines, I may wear a dress.

What I soon realised was this was one of the most exciting productions I’d worked on for a long time. The process of creating the piece- while intense- would also be fun. I am suddenly looking forward to taking to the stage again. Not as a permanent move mind you, but once in a blue moon isn’t too bad!

The show questions reality and fantasy whilst Shakespeare and Science Fiction collide. Think the rigid gender stereotypes of Mad Men, with a Rocky Horror like orgy of rock and roll. It’s not your traditional musical. It’s probably unlike how this piece has ever been presented before.

It’s exciting. It’s sexy. It’s playful. It’s RETURN TO THE FORBIDDEN PLANET.

And I’m kinda in it.

So if the rarity of seeing me on stage interests you, book your tickets now for one of the shows from September 26-29, to do so CLICK HERE!


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