50 Awesome Melbourne Things

I’ve done a fair bit of travelling now, and it’s safe to say I’m pretty obsessed with it. For the past four years I’ve been in and out of the US exploring the country, earlier this year I won a trip to Paris, and lately I’ve been making a few trips around Australia to Sydney and Brisbane for a few work related events. I’ve also just moved house back in Melbourne, so I’m no longer living out in the sticks! Sometimes when you get wrapped up in travel you forget to explore your own backyard.

Yesterday en route to a meeting I gazed at the Melbourne skyline and began to think how little of my own city I’d seen, how I’d never been up the Eureka Tower or ridden the Scenic Railway at Luna Park, and that perhaps I should change that.

So now I’m compiling a list, a list of things to do in Melbourne and it’s surrounds. I’m hoping to make a list of 50 things to do, and I’d love your help compiling ideas. What have you always wanted to do in Melbourne? What is a great Melbourne activity? Is there a place you’ve visited, eaten at, or enjoyed that you think I should check out?

Give me your suggestions, and then as I start to complete the tasks I will write up an in depth post/review.

Some Suggestions So Far:
Lane ways and hidden places
See a performance at the Spiegeltent
Picnic in the Carlton Gardens
Ice Skating/Ice Tubing at the Icehouse
Ride the Scenic Railway
Watch the planes take off and land at the airport whilst eating fish and chips
Concert at the Myer Music Bowl
Tour the Capitol Theatre
Ride The City Circle Tram
Melbourne Zoo/Weribee Open Range Zoo/Healseville Sanctuary
Football/Cricket at the MCG (And Sports Museum)
NRL/Soccer at the Bubble Dome
Day Trips- Philip Island, Great Ocean Road, Ballarat, Puffing Billy
See the filming of a TV show
Go on the Neighbours tour
Go out on The Edge at the Eureka Tower
Watch a movie at the Rooftop Cinema
Tour the Royal Exhibition Building
Create a Dodgeball team and play in the Melbourne Dodgeball League.
Watch a movie and eat a choc top at the Astor
Take part in the Zombie shuffle
Visit the Shot Tower Museum
Eat on the Restaurant Tram
Ride one of the Rentable Bikes
Hawthorn Tram Depot Museum
Retrace the steps of Madame Brussels at 50 Lonsdale Street & have a drink at the garden themed parlour named after her
Attend the Roller Derby
Pee on level 35 of the Sofitel
Get Hot Jam Doughnuts from the Queen Vic Market


One thought on “50 Awesome Melbourne Things

Add yours

  1. Attend a football/cricket match at the MCG – inc tour of the National Sports Museum (not this weekend though pls); day trips to Philip Island (penguins)/Great Ocean Road (scenery)/Ballarat (Sovereign Hill); visit the aquarium, check out what’s on at ACMI, The Zoo/Werribee Open Range/Healesville Sanctuary/Scienceworks; Ride the City Circle tram; Puffing Billy!! That’s all I can think of now…

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