Melbourne Street Art

I’ve had a number of meetings in and around Melbourne lately and have been happy snapping Street Art along the way. Until today I haven’t had a chance to upload (please excuse my tardiness) but the result is you’ll get a whole lot of all different kinds of art in the one post, plus a bit of a catch up on all the things I’ve been up to lately.

The skeletal horse above comes from the home of Street Art in Melbourne- Hosier Lane. It’s amazing how in the space of a couple of months the same lane can look completely different. Here are some of the shots from my previous visit to Hosier in case you’re wondering what I’m talking about.

These two pieces come from Prahran, and were found just off Chapel Street (so technically not in Melbourne itself). I discovered them whilst out for a meeting to sadly discussing cancelling a show I was going to be producing at the Melbourne Fringe Festival later in the year.

When a door closes, you find another escape route, and I’m now stage managing a production of Return To The Forbidden Planet at Monash University. From what the director has told me it sounds like it’s going to be a really interesting production. I may even be on stage at some points, which is something I haven’t done for a long time. This could be one of the very chances to see me on stage, so stay tuned for more details!


I love the first piece here because it was stenciled onto a huge graffiti mural, and it makes me wonder if the mural artist tagged their name, or whether it was just a passer by. The second piece, the parachuting rat, is what I believe to be a fake Banksy. Banksy has previously done a number of parachuting rats, including one in Melbourne that was recently destroyed, however all of them are far more detailed than this stencil. Perhaps it’s an unfinished piece, but I’m pretty sure it’s just a copy cat knock off.

Prahran has a few murals and street art pieces around, but not a huge collection like that of the alleys in Fitzroy. What was interesting to note as well was how different the Windsor end of Chapel Street is now as to when I used to study there a number of years ago.

These T-Shirts were another Hosier Lane piece, a repetitive pasted image, I don’t know what appealed to me the most about them, perhaps that they fit perfectly along this window ledge, or maybe the accompanying skateboard just worked so well. Either way I love these.

I found a few of these parrots across the city. The top one (in Hosier) was made of those beads that you could spray with a  liquid and they’d stick together. You know the ones that were found to be covered in a poison that could have drug like effects on children if swallowed. They were subsequently banned, but not before a bunch of teenagers who’d seen the report on some current affairs program ran out and bought them all from the local Kmart. Funnily enough I think they’ve recently made a comeback, though I’m not sure if they’re still covered in poison.
In other news relating to things that can be ingested, as General Manager of Present Tense I’m hard at work on the business end of developing a new Australian musical about the life of legendary cook Margaret Fulton.


Buzz is beginning to grow and exciting things are happening on that front. I can’t wait to share with you all the exciting things happening on that production very soon. How could this be ingested though?

Well we’re trying to work out ways of incorporating some of Margaret’s best recipes into the show! How exciting is that!

Back to Parrots. The second one is made from tiny square stickers, both parrots appear to be like a mosaic. I found this one down Block Place on the side of a restaurant. Considering how I saw the same image recurring in a number of locations, I’m sure these aren’t the only places you’ll find the parrots in Melbourne. In fact if I remember correctly I think I saw one in Centre Place as well.

On the lines of Centre Place (one of my favourite places in Melbourne) this has been around for awhile but I’ve never taken a picture. A witch! I found this really awesome paper cut piece, which was camouflaged in with the wall thanks to someone painting over the top of it.

These stickers below were in Hosier Lane on some of the scaffolding that’s recently been erected there. I love the combination of two massive commercial giants- McDonald’s and Star Wars. They’re pretty fun,

Talking about fun things, the Indiegogo campaign for “It’s A Hit!” has come to an end, with $905 raised towards the first edition of the card game. The very first decks are being shipped to me as I type, so very soon people all over the globe will have copies of the game in their own rooms! From my bedroom to the world! I’m so grateful and thankful for all those that supported the campaign either by donating or sharing it with their friends. I was so overwhelmed by the response.

On the topic of being overwhelmed I also finished the first term of my Masters degree course with flying colours, so I’m now on term two, and I’m taking on an extra subject. If James Franco can manage an extra work load whilst filming three movies there’s no reason why I can’t. I’ll report back to you if I’m still alive at the end of the term.

The final piece of street art in this series is a magnificent air brushed tribute to Heath Ledger, and his portrayal of The Joker. It’s a pretty stunning piece.


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