It’s A Hit! Goes Into Production

When a stint in New York City didn’t go as planned Sean Bryan began working on a project that merged his love for Broadway and Producing together in a fun, easy to play card game that anyone could play.

One year on, after testing occurred across the globe, that game is ready to start being produced, and start up funds are being sought through a crowdfunding Indiegogo Campaign.

“I think my roommates thought I was nuts. I had a notebook full of numbers and a deck uno cards spread out in front of me one night when they came home from work. They told me to get a job” Says Sean about the development of the game. “I showed them though, two weeks later I had designed the cards and had a deck professionally made and sent to me.”

“It’s lots of fun. I played it on the road with friends on a national touring production of a musical in the US, they had a great time. It’s for anyone who likes Broadway or card games, from your resident theatre nerd to your grandma.”

Start up funds will go towards manufacturing a first edition of the game to sell, as well as towards designing and printing packaging and instructions. People donating to the fund will earn various perks depending on the amount they give. Amongst other things perks include being mentioned in the instruction manual and getting copies of the game.

“After I raise the funds I need to get it going, I’ll start selling the game through my website. Profits from the game will go towards my dream of getting back to the US to live and work. That’s what I’m striving towards in everything I do.”

You can help turn the card game into a reality by visiting and sharing it with your friends.


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