Sean Bryan Announced As General Manager Of Present Tense

In a recent newsletter sent out to company members and supporters of Present Tense it was announced that Sean Bryan would be joining the company as General Manager.

Present Tense is a new collaborative performance company producing exhilarating work in unique locations across Australia and the world. Recently the company presented Chants Des Catacombes, a critically acclaimed, dark, multi-disciplinary, site-specific, musical theatre experience, in Melbourne in 2011 and at the Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2012.

In 2012 Present Tense will present the premiere of new Australian Musical MARGARET FULTON: QUEEN OF THE DESSERT as part of the Selected Works season at Theatre Works in St Kilda.

You can read the extract below, or click here to read the full newsletter:

“It seems a business and organisational structure is needed to support our work. Enter Sean Bryan. Sean has just returned to Australia after a stint in New York and Chicago; where he has amassed an exciting resume of credits as a Producer and Company Manager. Sean is the kind of guy who loves budgets, press releases and thinking about how we market and sell theatre.  We’re extremely proud to make him General Manager.”

Sean joins Artistic Director Bryce Ives and newly appointed Co-Artistic Director Nicola Andrews to form the Present Tense leadership panel.

More information about Present Tense and their work can be found at


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