Street Art on Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

I was in Fitzroy today for an important business meeting (that you’ll get to learn more about soon). It was my first time in the Melbourne suburb and I wish I’d got the chance to spend a bit more time there, even if my jeans didn’t feel like they were tight enough to be considered a local. The area has a number of funky shops, a lot of independent designers, artist supply stores, vintage clothing stores (that reminded me a lot of Haight Street in San Francisco) restaurants and cafes (the sweet smell of coffee was in the air all the way down Brunswick street) and other unique stores including the Magic Lantern Studio, a quaint little artist studio and store selling puppets, light boxes and other curiosities which is well worth a visit.

The area is also smothered in street art. And I’m not talking just little bits, but giant, wall covering murals. The area has really embraced the artform. I didn’t get a proper chance to take a good amount of time and get lost down the alleys exploring all the offerings, but here’s a little smattering of what I saw.

On a side note- The Royal Exhibition Building in the Carlton Gardens is one of Melbourne’s most stunning buildings. It’s also the last surviving Great Hall to have housed a 19th century international exhibition. As I waited in traffic by it’s side on my way home it made me wish I could go back in time and see the site of the Chicago World’s Fair. All those colossal exhibition buildings must have been phenomenal to see.

On to the Street Art though.


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