Parisian Street Art- Pasted

Pasting an image onto a wall, like a poster, is another popular form of street art, and is often referred to as Wheatpasting, due to the glue used to stick the image to a surface. This form of street art is popular with artists like Shepard Fairey, famous for his OBEY imagery, and the HOPE Obama campaign image.

You’ll notice a number of wheatpasted pieces in this post, but I’ve also included some other ‘pasted’ pieces, which I am defining as pieces of art made off-site and then pasted to a wall on location. This includes the squid-like image that appears in different forms around Paris.

The Space Invaders post I made earlier could therefore be deemed as pasted street art.

Also note the spraying of the name Kony (sometimes misspelt) on some of the walls, after the recent Invisible Children movement. An attempt to make the world aware of the criminal actions of Joseph Kony in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Whether you agree with the movement or not, it’s interesting to witness the global effect a viral video can have.

Unlike paint, wheatpasted pieces of street art can deteriorate quite quickly (good examples in the picture with the X piece below), as usually you are applying a piece of paper to a surface. However it does allow for really intricate, beautiful pieces of work that often can’t be achieved by using a stencil, or in the time constraints of working on the street. Again it’s important to remember street art treads the line of legality.


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