Parisian Street Art- Paint

This is a very broad category, but my search for Parisian Street Art had uncovered a wide variety of styles, so this post will cover a few different paint related pieces I found. When most people think of street art or graffiti, I’m sure they think of spray can or painted pieces. These pieces are more than just a tag though. The above Super Man logo appears to have been painted on the wall of a lane way filled with bars and restaurants near Shakespeare and Company in 1970, and I would say has been lovingly looked after and touched up quite often since then, perhaps by the original artist, or other artists.

I noticed many shop grates had been graffitied, often with fantastic images. These can only be seen when the shop is closed, so if you’re wandering around Paris in the morning on the weekend there’s a good chance you’ll see some as well. I found the one below whilst on our Urban Adventures tour.

The following Cat pieces were some of my favourite in Paris. The first, in the frame is located outside an arts school, the second was above where we played Petanque.

The following pieces could be described as Art Vandalism, I couldn’t find an official term fo them, perhaps ‘blood bombing’ is appropriate. The first, with blood splattered across the statue also carries a stenciled message as well. I’m not sure what it said, but could be related to the recent Occupy movement. The following piece, the bloodied spike, makes an already sinister piece of building just a tad bit more frightening.

This is another stencil, but I found it towards the end of the trip, and stencils are technically painted pieces. So it fits here too. I love it.


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