Why I shouldn’t be allowed near Wax Museums.

Continuing on with our somewhat quirky tour of Paris, fellow winner Sarah and I headed to the Musee Grevin, a wax works museum established in 1892. If you’ve ever wanted your photo with a celebrity, here’s a great, family friendly, opportunity to meet legends from the past, present, and a number of French Films.

I am notoriously bad when it comes to photos with inanimate objects. I cannot resist the urge to pull some kind of absurd and potentially hilarious pose with them, thus the Grevin was like a giant playground for me.

While the Wax Works are both in a sense a little creepy (touching celebrities? Posing with them?) and a little cool (see how tall said celebrities are compared to you) there was one exhibit in the museum I was incredibly excited to see.

In the histories section are a number of wax work re-enactments of various events, a number relating to the French Revolution. I am a history geek through and through and I knew the the Grevin had acquired a very unique and special item for their collection.

Jean Paul Marat, a journalist and politician of the French Revolution died a martyr to the cause when he was stabbed to death in his bathtub by Charlotte Corday on the 13th of July, 1793. This scene was immortalised by the painting The Death Of Marat by Jaques-Louis David.

The Grevin recreates that scene made famous by the painting using the real bathtub Marat was murdered in. I was less than a metre from the actual artifact!

So while it was a somewhat absurd place to find a relic of the revolution, I certainly found the trip worth it, and as you can see above, had a good time whilst hunting it out too!


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