Only Pies And Sausage Rolls

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you can’t escape home. While looking for a bite to eat after visiting The Grevin Wax Museum in The Opera Quarter Sarah and I stumbled upon Cafe Oz: The Australian Bar. What are the odds?

I was hankering for a Parma, but was out of luck when they told us they didn’t serve food… except for pies and sausage rolls. We passed on those but decided upon a ridiculously Australian themed cocktail each. Sarah got a ‘Desert Coral’ and I got ‘The Never Never’. We also decided to sit outside because, as a Carlton supporter, I couldn’t sit inside the bar and stare at the giant Collingwood poster on the wall.

The whole experience was tacky and hilarious, we couldn’t stop laughing the entire time we sat there. Drink prices were cheap, they tasted pretty good, and along with the ridiculous cocktails you could get a number of different imported Australian beers.

The area is perfect for a backpacker style bar crawl, not only is there the Oz Cafe, but a large amount of pubs and bars… and the obligatory late night fast food joints of course.


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