Parisian Street Art: Stickers

Like stencils, sticker street art enables you to repeat a message or iconic image across a city, or like in the clever case of some of these sticker pieces, adapt the entire meaning of something already existing, such as this street sign above. I had discovered pieces like this before while browsing the net, so it was really exciting to see a few of these in person.

If you’re out looking for sticker street art start by looking up at street signs. Quite often the rear side is covered in stickers, some artsy, some scrawled with writing or messages, some have been adapted by various guerilla marketing campaigns to advertise new bands or products.

You’ll also find some artists might create a series of stickers. While I can’t confirm it, the one eyed squid looking creature below could be one of a series of sticker monsters created by this artist that now find homes on signs and lamp/traffic light posts across the city.

There is a presidential election coming up this year in France, and while my French is bad I’m assuming the Votez sticker below (which appears very frequently in a few different forms across Paris) has a political message behind it.

The final image may be a little tough to see, but outside a major art school someone had adapted a sign to turn a no left turn into a bendy Eiffel Tower.


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