McDonald’s… I know you’re already judging me.

I know, I know, you want to hear all about my French culinary adventures, fancy food from Michelin Star restaurants etc but now you’re getting a post about McDonald’s. Well, as fellow winner Sarah put it “You can bag Macca’s all you want but it’s always good for wifi and a toilet.” A truer word has never been said.

I also enjoy experiencing the differences in McDonald’s around the world, and this one in Paris offered some exciting new additions. Starting with the digital Easy Order System pictured above. The iGeneration has a way to order! Simply use the touch screen to select your meal, then go to the Easy Order pick up counter. Voila!

Instead of the usual fries I got myself wedges (!?!) and a selection of different dipping sauces I’d never had before. The Sweet Chilli was actually really spicy. Sarah had a Croque McSomething, which look like an inverted bun ham sandwich, and there were a whole host of other different items, including a cookie stick and a number of excitingly named chicken burgers.

This experience also saw me paying to use the restroom, 50 cents, reminding me of the musical Urinetown. It’s the first time I’ve ever had to do that. I’m starting to collect a series of crazy bathroom stories on this trip. Thanks McDonald’s for adding that one to the list.

So judge me all you want, but it was a Parisian experience, and I got to log on to Twitter for the first time since leaving Australia.


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