Parisian Street Art- Stencil

One of the things I listed as a ‘to do’ on my entry form into the Travelscene American Express Facebook Fan Competition was to get lost in the old streets of Paris and uncover some Parisian Street Art. As many people know I’m pretty fascinated with good street art, so much so I even hauled two large coffee table books on the artform (foolishly in hindsight) to the US with me last year.

I didn’t know how far I’d have to delve into Paris to uncover pieces, I thought I may have to trek out to the areas near peripherique, but I should have known a city with a past as revolutionary as Paris would be rebellious enough to have street art in some of its most popular areas.

Even if you know very little about the artform there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Banksy, well he was originally inspired by a number of French street artists, and that excited me to see what Paris really had to offer in the way of the artform.

In my first post on the subject are some stenciled pieces I’ve found whilst wandering yesterday. They’re applied to a surface by first placing a stencil and then spray painting over the top. Quick and simple, as let’s not forget street art can tow the line when it comes to the law. The result though is a repetitious image that can be seen across a city, for example the last piece in this series of images I’ve now seen in three different locations.

The cats above were found down an alleyway near The Pantheon, and the red taped face below was outside the hotel. If you make your way to Paris soon you may or may not find them. That’s one of the most interesting parts of the art, one day you could see a magnificent piece of work, and the next day it could be completely gone.


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