My best friend Grace has been living in London for what must be over a year and a half now, and aside from the occasional skype video call we haven’t seen each other in about the same amount of time. The fact that I also spent the last year overseas probably didn’t help either. We studied theatre together at TAFE and since then have worked on a couple of shows together. She’s also one of the few people who have made the trek out past Frankston to come visit me and play Quelf. (If you haven’t played Quelf, you really must. You’re missing out on hilarious times.)

I rarely miss anyone when I’m off traveling, especially in the modern age where the internet brings everyone closer, but it really has been a long time between drinks for Grace and I, and she’s not expected back in Australia until at least October this year.

So when I entered the Travelscene American Express Facebook Fan Trip to Paris competition I rushed over to her Facebook and jokingly posted “I’ve entered this competition, if I win you should come over to Paris and catch up with me.” I expected some laughs, as if I was going to win a trip to Paris. A day later Grace responded “I’m actually going to be in Paris from the 1st to the 7th” coincidentally when the competition would place me in the city. “IT’S MEANT TO BE!!!!” I proclaimed, again jovially, I hardly expected it to become a reality.

Then last Monday morning I got the email, I was going to Paris.

So not only was I going to get the opportunity to see the City of Light, but I’d also get the chance to reunite with my best friend.

Perhaps it really was meant to be!

(Pictured above: Grace and I in our last photo together before we both left Australia on global adventures.)


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  1. It definitely seems like it was meant to be then Sean! What a great coincidence. As it happens I’m also going to cross paths with my sister, who I haven’t seen in several months. She flies in to Paris on Saturday morning, so I’m hoping if everything goes to plan we can spend the afternoon together.

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