I’m going to PARIS!!!

On Monday morning I arrived at work looking down the barrel of an eleven day work marathon between three jobs. There was going to be no rest until Easter. Well, that was what I thought.

As I trundled a trolley full of sheets down to a storage room in the catacombs of the shopping centre I whipped out my phone to check my email. Three new messages appeared, one about works on campus at uni… boring… another had my latest frequent flyer updates… I’ll look at it later… then: PACK YOUR BAGS YOU’RE OFF TO PARIS!

I started shaking uncontrollably. (Which is never a good thing when maneuvering a  trolley laden with linen.)

A few weeks prior I’d entered a competition through the Travelscene American Express Facebook Page, 5 winners would get the opportunity to spend a four day whirlwind trip in Paris from April 3. Jokingly I was telling everyone that I could be off to Paris in a few weeks time, I never expected to be one of the winners.

Then came that email, which started a flurry of phone calls, text messages and emails. My Mum even left work early so that I could get my passport details to Travelscene before the deadline!

Trying to convince everyone that I wasn’t joking was a task in itself. Who wins trips around the world?!?!? It’s unbelievable!

I spent my lunch break immersed in a pocket guide I’d picked up from the book shop. I have a lot of research to pack into the next few days as I’ve never been to Paris before, and the last time I was in Europe I was 2 years old. I also don’t speak any French…well aside from Bonjour, Baguette, Merci and Croissant! (I think I’ll be covered for food!)

Handicaps aside you could not wipe the smile off my face . The work day flew past.

That night my Grandparents came to visit and we popped some Champagne in celebration- it’s only fitting right?

I join four other winners from across the country; Ally, Sarah, Kristen and Yvonne. Each of us has to blog our adventure, you’re currently reading mine, but if you want to see what everyone else is up to, click their names above to visit their blogs. For live updates you should follow me on Twitter: @seanjbryan. We’ll also be sharing our photos via Pinterest.

Before you get too jealous, you could be just as lucky as me! This is the SIXTH fan trip that Travelscene American Express have conducted, and the SEVENTH is on it’s way. Why not become a fan of theirs on Facebook and perhaps I’ll be following your adventures very soon too!


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