Seattle is home to my oldest friend in America, however, despite knowing each other for approximately 8 years I had yet to see the city. So on my latest trip to the US I wasn’t going to let another opportunity pass by. So I called my friend, boarded an early plane, and headed for a weekend in Seattle. (Which thanks to a gloriously comfy hotel bed, would not be sleepless.)

Having a friend in the city meant I had a tour guide for all the cliche tourist attractions, which included browsing Pike Place Market, riding the monorail out to the Space Needle and visiting the Troll Bridge and Gasworks Park (both filming locations from one of my favourite flicks 10 Things I Hate About You.) I saw the first ever Starbucks, and bought souvenirs there, but not coffee.

Seattle is a bit of a dirty hipster centre, so there were lots of opportunities to see some great street art examples, and also some quirky attractions as well. Like the gum wall. Which is both incredibly colourful and gross. We also took our time wandering the entire length of a labyrinth located near the Space Needle.

We ventured a little further out to Bellevue where we caught The Descendants at the movies (which I didn’t think much of) and also nice sunsets over the Seattle Cityscape. On day two we headed out even further, up into the mountains (which had taken my breath away, I’d never seen anything like them up so close) to Snoqualmie Falls, my first real waterfall. I hadn’t been around much nature of late, so being immersed in all of it was truly wonderful.

Then on my last day, I grabbed a nice panini at Pike Place before taking the light rail out to the airport, which had a beautiful view of all those mountains I’d fallen in love with. A weekend that was definitely worth waiting 8 years. Hopefully it won’t be as long between now and the next visit.




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