Milwaukee Road Trip

To celebrate my 250th day in the US (and the fact that my roommates had a weekend off) we had a Zip Car road trip from Chicago to Milwaukee for the day.

On the way we made a brief stop at The Jelly Belly Factory (how could the confectioner in me not stop there?) where we picked up a whole lot of cheap Jelly Bellies and some Harry Potter Chocolate Frogs to make the rest of the drive more enjoyable; and sugar hyped.

It was a gorgeous fall day in Milwaukee, pleasant enough to only need to wear t-shirts, with a bright blue sky, which made for magnificent photos. Our first stop was the iconic Milwaukee Art Museum, conveniently close to where we parked. We didn’t go inside- you didn’t need to, the building (pictured above) is a sight in itself.

We wandered around the (very quiet) streets of Milwaukee (there was a Packers game on that weekend), where we found The Bronze Fonz (a statue of the character from Happy Days) and eventually found ourselves down an alley looking for something a little more secret; The Safe House. Anyone who’s ever had a James Bond fantasy simply must visit The Safe House, a restaurant and bar that’s full of secret passages, hidden secrets, and spy¬†memorabilia. Plus if you order a martini, it’ll be ‘shaken’ by flying through a network of pipes along the ceiling. Too cool.

We also went on a microbrewery tour at Sprechers, which was my first real taste of beer. Prior to that I’d always avoided the stuff. You got to try four beers, and unlimited soda, for the cost of admission of the tour.

We met with a friend and explored the local college campus- it was huge- before we found ourselves picking up some fantastic mini doughnuts to fill us with sugar for the trip home.

Sometimes you only need a car and a day to see a new place. Just think about all the places waiting to be discovered somewhat near to you this weekend.



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