Facing East workshop benefitting The Trevor Project opens in Chicago

A one night only workshop presentation of Facing East, a new musical by David Rigano and Mark Eugene Garcia, benefitting The Trevor Project opened tonight (October 3, 2011) at The Greenhouse Theatre Centre, marking Sean’s first producing venture in Chicago.

The musical tells the story of an upstanding Mormon couple coming to terms with the suicide of their gay son. When they unexpectedly meet their son’s lover, they must face a reality that until then has been ignored, and reconcile their feelings and beliefs.

The important musical aims higher than just entertaining, providing a forum for discussion on the issue of LGBT suicide, and benefitting local charities including The Trevor Project.

The workshop presentation was a fantastic opportunity to present the piece as a whole, for the first time, in front of an audience and receive feedback. The musical will now head back to the studio to be worked on before its next presentation.

The Chicago workshop featured the talent of Kevin Stangler, Matthew Keffer, Anita Kellen and Erin Kahoa, direction by The New Colony’s Andrew Hobgood an musical direction by Michael Evans. Facing East is produced by Nathan Gardner in association with Deborah Barrigan, Sean Bryan, Cat Stevens and The New Colony.


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