Salem Willows

A friend of mine was living in Salem (yes, the one home to the Witches) so I thought I’d pay a visit. Whilst we didn’t go on a witch hunt we did vist Salem Willows, which is home to some gorgeous views and also the Salem Willow arcade.

You know the type, those coin guzzling games that you win rolls of tickets on which you then swap for the corniest of prizes. You spend $20 and get a cheap pencil topper eraser shaped like a shark that probably only cost 2c to manufacture.

Gripes aside, the dinky arcades brought a smile to my face for a couple of hours, the deep fried foods made my stomach happy, and the kids we gave our tickets to also lit up like the brightly coloured neons.

I wouldn’t recommend it for a vacation, but the flashing lights and nice surroundings were a pleasant way to spend an afternoon. Sometimes you’ve got to avoid the tourist traps and the witch hunts to do something a little more special.


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