I can’t say I was the kid that always wanted to go to Disneyland, but before leaving home for the US I did mention it as one of the places I wanted to visit on this trip. They say it’s Happiest Place on Earth, and I thought I disagree. I thought surely it must be cornier than what it is. Surely it couldn’t really appeal to grown adults the way it does to children.

Well Disneyland sure did surprise me. The design was in no way corny. Everything was beautiful, and aside from Toon Town much of it was in a very grown up fashion. Main Street USA, Paradise Pier, the Old West, it was all so beautiful. You could easily enjoy sitting admiring the artistry of the park as much as the rides.

And boy the rides! We rode from 8am to midnight, starting and ending the day with Indiana Jones. Then there was Big Thunder Mountain (which definitely gets faster at night) and the ecstasy inducing Space Mountain. But for awesome thrills you can’t go past California Screamin’, riding her conquered my fear of coasters.

Well done Mouse. You win this time. Disneyland is amazing.


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